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Angular contact ball bearing

Jiangsu Tianchi Bearing Co., Ltd, offers the comprehensive range of excellent angular contact ball bearings at the most affordable prices.

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Product Description

Angular Contact Ball Bearings – Attain Profitability Through Reliability

Tianchi bearing (TCOK) is one of the most prominent names in designing, manufacturing, and supplying the industry with high-quality angular contact ball bearings for the fulfillment of a wide variety of applications.
The angular contact ball bearings we provide have a contact angle with which they can survive and withstand significant axial loads and radial loads simultaneously. Angular contact ball bearings are most commonly employed in pairs, rather than being used individually. The component can be used in the sets of two, triplex sets, quadruple sets or multiplex sets because the axial component is only originated when a radial load is involved.

Why Purchase Angular Contact Ball Bearings From Our Company?

TCOK is offering the most comprehensive and extensive ranges of Angular contact ball bearings. These bearings have been specially designed to satisfy the equipment requirements of engineers and the manufacturing community. Our customers want machines that run faster and longer with reduced friction. Solving this sustainably and most effectively contribute to our vision of a world of reliable rotation.

Our Goal Is To Be The Top Angular Contact Ball bearings In World

Being a well-known and professional manufacturer of angular contact ball bearings we have been providing precision bearings to a large number of industries like aerospace, science, and technology corporation for years. Our bearings are made out of metal or ceramic and are available in a variety of sizes to meet the diverse demands of various applications. These bearings are designed to bear the radial load as well as a unidirectional axial load.
We can help you lessen your operation’s energy usage and improve its sustainability. And we will work along with you to define where to focus and how to get the instant return on your investment.
Furthermore, with reliance on the working conditions these precision bearings are used and configured in various ways to acquire the required capacity of bearing in radial and axial loads.

Characteristics of Angular Contact Ball Bearings:

  • Excellent quality material used in the manufacturing of these bearings.
  • Utilizes advanced grease technology to increase the grease life and performance, high-quality grease is applied.
  • High grade balls are used that produces low noise and smooth operation even at high speed.
  • The specific geometry of bearings supports higher axial loads.
  •Top coatings for additional corrosion resistance.

Application Scope:

We supply angular contact ball bearings across a wide variety of the industries. Its most popular utilizers are:
  •Chemical industry
  •General industry
  • Agriculture industry








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