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Alternator and Starter bearings

Jiangsu Tianchi Bearing Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer of Alternator And Starter Bearings for Automobile. We offer bearings at competitive price here.

Keywords: Deep groove ball bearing  |  Angular contact ball bearing

Product Description

Supreme Quality of Alternator and Starter Bearings For Automobile at Best Rates:

Various features contribute to the safety and comfort of the modern vehicles and one of the most crucial one out of them is automotive bearings. Tianchi Bearings (TCOK), brings our esteemed clients the supreme quality of alternator and starter bearings for automobile that meet the strict criteria of performance, design, and application at the most reasonable prices. Our proficiency in the automotive market is contributed to the craving for challenges, hard work, and customer satisfaction. We are providing our clients with the excellent quality of alternator and starter bearings for automobile as per the international standards to meet their ever-evolving demands. We always ensure that each of our clients gets an innovative solution to their automotive application requests.

We specialize in manufacturing and distributing the high standard of alternator and starter bearings for automobile industry to a wide variety of clients across the world. These bearings are applied and utilized in extreme environmental conditions and are exposed in to the brush wear dust, mud and other harsh surroundings, given to the tough executing environment, these bearing needs to be durable and of high precision, in order for them to perform their designated tasks efficiently. Our manufactured alternator and starter bearings for automobile have good sealing performance and are able to bear the heavy loads. With the increased demands of the automotive industry for continuous improvements, the automotive engine and generator performance are also raised to the new height of requirements with increased speed performance, in compliance to all those needs we have formulated the best alternator and starter bearings for automobile industry. We are compensating them with the best bearing; they can find to heighten their vehicles level of performance. We supply our automotive clients with high-quality bearings that is successful in satisfying their needs of low start-up, efficient torque requirement, high reliability, and a longer life span.

Characteristics of Alternator and Starter Bearings for Automobile:

  • Inner and outer bearing rings are made with high precision material.

  • Have adequate strength to sustain high-speed and high-temperature conditions.

  • Have low noise and minimum friction.

  • Available with seals or shields.

  • Are sound and vibration tested.







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