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Agricultural hub unit

Improve efficiency and reduce costs


Keywords: Deep groove ball bearing  |  Angular contact ball bearing

Product Description

Improve efficiency and reduce costs
More and more farmers are realizing the benefits of using stand-alone cutterhead ploughers, faster speed and better soil mixing capacity, which directly saves the farm more costs and provides a better seedbed for crop production. Agricultural bearing unit, as the core farming component, must have a strong anti-offset load impact ability and a perfect sealing performance. At the same time, in order to ensure work efficiency, it must reduce the maintenance time and easy to install and replace, and have a lower energy consumption to reduce costs
Optimized Design
FEA technology is adopted to optimize the parameter design of bearings, and to maximize capacity of bearings in a limited internal space to meet the alternating impact of actual working condition .The outer ring is high strength forgings, and the efficient flow control enables it to have stable mechanical properties.
Perfect sealing system
The agricultural machinery bearing unit developed by our company adopts triple seal design, the external dustproof cover plate can effectively protect the bearing from the impact of stones and soil, and the unique internal six-lip seal design can effectively prevent rain water and mud from entering and keep the internal oil pure.The side connected with the rake plate adopts double static seal to prevent the entry of external dirt.
Dynamic torque detection
The unique dynamic torque detection technology can determine whether the sealing system is in a reasonable range by detecting the bearing torque, so as to ensure the effectiveness of the sealing system .Each bearing is tested before ship out.
Electroplating Appearance
All exterior surfaces are treated with electroplating to effectively prevent corrosion from rainwater and chemical fertilizer, and to make the equipment have a better appearance for sales. The exterior surface maintained good appearance after 1000 hours of mud testing.
BAA0004 117 98 1.25*M12
John Deere Circular Coulter Ø490x4.3mm CJ15624
BAA0012 117 98 1.25*M12
John Deere Circular Coulter Ø490x4.3mm CJ15624 
BAA0006 117 98 1.25*M12 BEDNAR DISC HARROW
BAA0003-16-L 90 73.5 6*M8
John Deere Seed Opener Coulter CJ14048
BAA0003-16-R 90 73.5 6*M8
John Deere Seed Opener Coulter CJ14048
BAA0003-20-L 90 73.5 6*M8
John Deere Seed Opener Coulter CJ14048
BAA0003-20-R 90 73.5 6*M8
John Deere Seed Opener Coulter CJ14048
BAA0005_L 112 92 6*M8 John Deere Planter Plan Disc CQ54005
BAA0005_R 112 92 6*M8 John Deere Planter Plan Disc CQ54005
BAA0007 135 115 6*M10
John Deere 20" DISC FURROW OPENER CQ54003
BAAPN60041 127.3/64.2 106 6*M12 HORSCH DISC HARROW





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